Screpy Review

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Screpy seo tool can replace multiple other tools for you. It is easy to use, clean and powerful AI Based tool.

The best part is, its an all in one seo tool.

Invideo Review

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Create videos with high conversion rate powerful Easy-To-Use Video Maker.For creating professional videos it is not necessary to have experience tools.

By using pre made templates create video of high quality and leave an impression on your audience.

How to buy domains for cheap Price?

This article will help you identify the best way to buy a domains for cheap price.The domain name is one of the most crucial things of your site. Your Website the reflection of your Business in the digital world.

CCTLDs tell us about the website target audience of a particular country:

Creating a website takes money. You will have to invest money on buying a domain name and a hosting space. Most people don’t realize what has to be purchased to create a website

Content Pruning SEO 2020

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Never thought that having a lot of content would also be a hurdle to top the SEO rankings.

Do you have a website with record-breaking rankings? Suddenly you see flat traffic lines and don’t know what’s happening? And there is neither a technical problem nor an algorithm update. Read the article to know more about how to make a comeback to the top of SERP.

Digital Marketing Basics

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In this chapter , digital marketing basics, we will first try to understand what is digital marketing and digital marketing basics.

Marketing is Systematically communicating your products value to the market. Now if the communications channel used to pass on the product value is through the Digital Channels or through Internet then it is called Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is not just a marketing method. All the marketing methods that use digital media or Internet are brought under one umbrella and termed it as Digital Marketing.

SEO Basics

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In this chapter we will talk about SEO Basics, SEO is search engine optimization where we try to rank our website at the top of the search results for a particular set of keywords.

The meaning of market in the marketing world is different Examples: Google, yahoo, Bing, Duck Duck Go and more….

But from the businesses or the website owner’s perspective search engines are a way to market your business to find the potential customers for their business.

In the SEO Basics, let us first try to understand how Search engines work?

Web basics for Digital Marketing

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The Web basics for Digital Marketing will be discussed in this chapter.

We being digital marketers, we are expected to have strong web basics for digital marketing.

When I say Web basics for Digital Marketing I mean to say you should know what is Internet? what is www? what is https? what is a domain name? what is hosting space and details like these.

Free Google AdWords tutorial (Ads) for 2023

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If your website is ranking on a search engine by paying money and running ads on that search engine then we call them as inorganic search results.

If Paying money to Google through ads ( former Adwords) to show your website Ad on search results then we call them as Inorganic search results or paid search results.

Why Paid Results?We all love SEO because it can bring us traffic for free of cost, but SEO is a long term process and can’t give you immediate results.

How to do Keyword Research

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How to do Keyword Research? – To start doing keyword research you should first inderstand what are keywords?

  • Key Word – Important Word – Yes, it is an important word for us – in SEO.
  • They’re the words or phrases that users/searchers enter into the search engines.
  • Keywords can also be called as “search queries.” or Search Terms

On How to do Keyword Research? we have already understood what keywords are, now let us look at different types of keywords.

Google Web Master Tools

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The Google webmaster tool is a free service offered by Google that helps to monitor and maintain site’s presence in Google Search. Google webmaster tool is also known as Google search console.

In google webmaster tools, we don’t have to sign up for Search Console to our site to be included in Google’s search results, but doing so can help us understand how Google views our site performance in search results page.

Google to communicate with webmasters uses Google Webmaster Tools as the primary mechanism.

Latest Off Page SEO Techniques for 2023

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Off-page optimization technique is used to improve ranking of the website within the search engine results page. This off-page SEO methods are beyond the website development & designing.

Most of them say off-page SEO is based on link building but it has much more to work with.

Latest ON Page SEO Techniques for 2023


Title rules in Latest ON Page SEO Techniques

  • Your title should contain the keyword. (Try to start your title with the keyword)
  • The title should be less than 60 characters.
  • The title should be attractive and Influencing for the users to click on it.

(Try to include a digit in your title & try to use powerful & positive words in the title)

Marketing Basics

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What is Marketing?– Marketing Basics

In Marketing basics, we will first start with what is marketing

Many people believe marketing is advertising. No, it’s not. Marketing is not advertising. Then what is marketing? To know about marketing, one should have a clear understanding of what is a ‘market’ and the difference between ‘market’ and a ‘market-place’?

Constant Contact Review 2023

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Here Constant Contact Review article provides info on features, pricing, template design and much more available in constant contact email marketing tool. Constant contact is considered one of the leading email marketing services in the digital marketing industry with lakhs of customers.

Constant Contact is one of the award-winning for providing excellent customer services & conducts local live education workshops. It also provides an extensive library of online resources in addition to its user-friendly software interface.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which a person earns money by promoting physical or digital products from others.

These is a marketing modality that emerged in the 1990s. Let us thanks to Amazon, which began offering the affiliate service so that whoever wanted to disclose the products available in the store would do so. In turn, would receive a commission for each sale generated.

Best Cloud hosting for WordPress websites 2023

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Being a digital marketer, I have been creating WordPress websites from 7 years now. With the experiences of creating more than 100 websites in the last 6 – 7 years. I think I can suggest you guys, the best Cloud hosting for WordPress websites in 2023

I always suggest you go for a cloud hosting instead of shared or dedicated hosting. Most the WordPress hosting services are hosted in shared hosting spaces. Hence I don’t prefer them too.

Cloud hosting always has the greatest advantage of Speed and performance hosting for WordPress websites when compared on Shared Hosting or Dedicated hosting.

Best Equipment for YouTube

best equipment for YouTube

YouTube is the biggest and best platform for sharing video content online. It’s also an easy way for people to express their creativity and talent, make some extra money, promote individuals or businesses, and may become a huge “Internet celebrity”. 

If you’re planning on becoming an official YouTuber, there are various things you will need to execute and own —the most important of which is your essential video equipment. You just need good equipment to create high-quality videos that people will love to watch. But most people think it’s everybody’s cup of tea but in reality, this is not true.

 As we know how important visuals are. Not only is visual content the most preferable content in this way, visual content connects with targeted audiences better, but it also impacts a more lasting impression than text. And if it’s in the form of a video, the effects are surprisingly better. 

Videos are capable of communicating emotions and the subject easily and effectively. This is the reason why people find it more relatable. And for the same reason, Digital Marketers are more focused to use YouTube marketing today. High-quality and informative videos can be incredibly valuable in promoting your brand and driving conversions.

 If you can deliver unique and informative content and you carry an influential personality then you can pull off video content even with a smartphone.

But never forget that today competition is very high in the YouTube community so a newbie always tries to create high visual quality content to gain popularity which results in an easy improvement in views and subscribers.