How to buy domains for cheap Price? 2

How to buy domains for cheap Price?

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This article will help you identify the best way to buy a domains for cheap price.

This a complete guide on How to buy domains for cheap Price or get a FREE domain [Updated for 2020]

The domain name is one of the most crucial things of your site. Your Website the reflection of your Business in the digital world.

CCTLDs tell us about the website target audience of a particular country:

Creating a website takes money. You will have to invest money on buying a domain name and a hosting space. Most people don’t realize what has to be purchased to create a website. 

Developing a website is secondary, but you first need to register a domain name and a hosting space to create a website.

One way to save your costs in developing a website is to look for a vendor who offers a domain for a cheap price.

  1. The most important is the domain extension because the price varies from extension to extension. 
  2. Consider pricing and value thoroughly.
  3. Make sure you’re going through an ICANN-registered registrar.Check out for hidden fees and costs for transferring or releasing.
  4. The cost of purchasing a domain name in most cases is $15.00 per year. 
  5. During your first year, prices are often as low as $0.99, but you could be charged much higher for their renewal.
  6. Your best bet could be to get an inexpensive hosting plan that comes with a Domain included.

List of vendors that offer domains for cheap price.

  1. Blue Host offers domain names for FREE of cost when you purchase a webhosting plan.

2 Namecheap provides you buy prodomain at a cheaper cost with free protection.

3 Crazy Domains Crazy domains offer .in extensions for just 450Rs for 1 Year. 

4 Google Domains gives your domain google reliability and cheapest place to buy the domain with 100% privacy protection. 

How should we Choose the right domains for cheap price?

Always select unique domain names but always make sure your domain name is easy to remember as it will help you to attract the customer/Potential Customer. Your domain name should explain/reflect your business & brand name. If a particular domain name does not resemble your brand name and is not available in .com or .in extension, then you can go with another popular extension. Ex: .org, .net and more

Always remember such which are below points while opting for the domain name:

 One should always try to avoid numbers and hyphens.

Try to choose a domain which has keywords in your domain name.

Select the perfect domain name extension, which adds more value to your domain.

Which domain name extensions are popular nowadays ?

How to get these domains for cheap price?

.com is the most popular domain name extensions. The .com domain name extension reflects “commercial”, and it is well recognized and easy to remember domain extension worldwide.

.in domain name extension indicates “India”, it is well suitable for businesses running in India, which deals clients only across India. 

There are also other domain extensions too, which are .net,.org and so on.

But your topmost priority should be to acquire .com or .in (for Indian audience) which is more beneficial to your Business.

It is always highly suggested to choose a unique,easy to remember domain name mainly because your customers could not find any difficulty in typing or pronouncing your domain name. If you are running Business only in India and you deal with clients in India only then you need to select for a .in extension.

Is it mandatory to have a valid email ID and phone number to register a domain?

Yes, all domain providers will manually verify all the domain name’s owner by phone number, and also they will verify your Email ID.

If you give a wrong Email ID, your domain will stop working after a few days. Hence providing the correct phone number and Email ID is very important.

What happens if you forget to do the Domain Renewal Date?

As soon as your domain renewal date expires, from that moment, it will turn inactive, and your Website and email will cease to function, and it will stop working. And when you navigate your Website, you will receive a notification regarding the expiry.

Complimentary Bonus Tip for buying domains for cheap price:

Always try to buy the domain from domain provider which offers renewal charges relatively cheaper. Compared to others in most cases, 1st yr fee will be less compared to upcoming years.

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