Free Google AdWords tutorial (Ads) for 2021 2

Free Google AdWords tutorial (Ads) for 2021

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Google AdWords Tutorial (Ads) – [Updated for 2021]

If your website is ranking on a search engine by paying money and running ads

on that search engine then we call them as inorganic search results.

If Paying money to Google through ads ( former Adwords) to show your

website Ad on search results then we call them as Inorganic search results or

paid search results.

Why Paid Results?We all love SEO because it can bring us traffic for free of cost,

but SEO is a long term process and can’t give you immediate results.

So we go for paid advertising because:

  1. We get Quick & Instant Traffic
  2.  We can choose the right set of Target Audience
  3. Can boost your online sales/traffic

Introduction to Google

Google AdWords is Google's online advertising service where Advertisers pay to display their ads on Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and other relevant Google Partner websites.

Advertisers pay when users actually clicks on the ad, hence we also call this as Pay Per Click (PPC Method of Advertising).

PPC method of advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC)

It is an advertising method where advertiser pays the publisher when the ad is clicked.

We do it generate more traffic to the website.

Why Should you use Google Ads?

  1. You can reach your potential customers when they are searching relevant keywords.

2 Google Ads a targeting system that helps you show your add to the right people, at the right time at a right place.

3 Targeting factors Available on Google Ads:

  1. Specific interests Keywords  
  2. Ad Location – Search engine, Personal or commercial websites.  
  3. Demographics – Age, Location, Language, Day, Time  
  4.  Devices 

4 You have complete control on your budget, you can decide how much to spend each day and for how many days. No minimum.  

5 You can pause, resume your campaign, make changes to it whenever required.


6 Google Ads has a reporting system that helps you measure, analyze and act to make your campaign a better performing one.

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Understanding users intentions based on Keywords:

It is very important that we understand the user intentions based

on the keyword searched for:

We can classify users intentions into 4 types:

  1. I want to know – Looking for information
  2. I want to go – Looking to navigate – to a particular location, business or a website.   
  3. I want to do – Willing to learn how to do something   
  4. I want to buy – Looking to make a purchase or a transaction.You just need to make sure you have the right solution for his intention.

We can classify users intentions into 4 types:

  1. I want to know – You can provide the information they are looking for.
  2. I want to go – You can guide them to their destination.
  3. I want to do – You can teach, show or demonstrate on how to do it.
  4. I want to buy – You can sell to them

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Where do Ads Appear?

Google Ads has 2 networks.  

  • Search Network
  • Display Network

Search Network: covers Google Search (SERP), Google Maps & Google Play and search sites that partner with Google.

Display network: covers google sites like YouTube, Gmail, Blogger and third party sites/blogs that are partnered with Google.

Selecting the type of Campaign as per your business objective:

There are 6 types of campaigns in Google Ads.  


  1. Search Campaign – Gives Traffic, Conversions/sales   
  2. Display Campaign – Gives Brand Awareness    
  3. Search Campaign with display
  4. opt-in – Gives Traffic & Brand Awareness.  
  5. Video Campaign 
  6. Shopping Campaign  
  7. Universal App Campaign

Search Campaign:· 


  • In search campaigns ads will appear on SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and other
  • Google sites when people search for the keywords relevant to your Ad.
  • Used to find High Potential customers with the right intention when searching for a keyword.

Display Campaign:·     

  • Ads Appear throughout Google display network· Matches your ads to websites or
  • mobile apps that include content that's related to your business or to your
  • customers' interests.·     
  • You can target based on topics, interested audiences, demographics, and more.
  • Used to create Brand Awareness.

Search with display opt-in·     

  1. This will show the text ads on the search results page and on relevant places on the Display Network.·     
  2. Search Ads will run on both the Search and Display networks.·     
  3. Helps you reach potential customers and also creates brand awareness.

Video Campaign·     

  • With this Video campaign you can run video ads on YouTube and also on different sites across the Google Display Network.   
  • Types of Video Ads include:·     
  • True View in-stream ads,-True View video discovery ads, bumper ads.

Shopping Campaign:·  


Shopping campaign is useful for retailers who want to promote their products (Both online and local stores).·     

Shopping campaign also boosts traffic to their website or local store·     

You will see shopping Ads in SERP and other search partner websites.

Universal App Campaign:·  

  1. Universal App campaign is used to promote your mobile apps across Search, Display, and YouTube.·  
  2. Your ads and bids are automatically adjusted to get the most downloads for your app.·  
  3. To get more app downloads the system will test different combinations and display the best-performing ads often.
  4. You need to provide text, a starting bid, budget, and

Types of Ads in Google Adwords:

1. Text Ads – Search network & Search

Google AdWords tutorial example text Ad

2.Text Ads with extensions – Search network & Display network       [depends on Ad Extension]

Free Google AdWords tutorial (Ads) for 2021 3

3.Responsive Ads – Display network

Free Google AdWords tutorial (Ads) for 2021 4

4.Shopping Ads – Google Shopping, Google Search, Search Partner websites.

Free Google AdWords tutorial (Ads) for 2021 5

5 Image Ads – Display network, Search network* (but not google search)

Free Google AdWords tutorial (Ads) for 2021 6

6 Video Ads - Display network, Search network* (but not google search)

Free Google AdWords tutorial (Ads) for 2021 7

7 App promotion Ads -Search network, Display network.

Free Google AdWords tutorial (Ads) for 2021 8

8 Call only Ads – Search network.

Google AdWords tutorial example of call only Ads

9 Rich Media Ads – Display network.

Google AdWords Tutorial

How to Create a Text Ads

Text ads are simplest and the most powerful types of Ads. The text

ads contains 3 parts:on Ads -Search network, Display network.

  1. Heading  
  2. URL
  3. Description

Text Ad Heading:·        

  • Your heading is what people notices. Having a good heading is very important for your ad clicks. If your heading is catchy and influencing the users to click on it, then you get better CTR(click through rate)·        
  • Ad Text Heading has 2 fields – Heading 1, Heading 2 and an optional Heading 3·        
  • Each Heading can be filled up to 30 Characters.      
  • Lookout for the mobile readability of your add. Long headings can be combined via a hyphen “-” might wrap on mobiles.


URL displays the website address that the user will land, when clicked on the Add·        

If final URL is your ad’s display URL will show as· 

 While the path fields are optional, you have 2 optional URL fields path 1 & Path 2 that can be used up

to 15 chars.·        

Example: – Appears like this but still the user will land on the final URL given in the URL Field.


Description field takes up to 80 characters.·     

You should use description to highlight unique details about your product or service.·     

Make sure you include keywords that match probable search terms.·     

On mobile devices, since the space is less, Google Ads optimizes your ad to show the highest-performing text.

This is a quick Google Adwords Tutorial. Hope you find it useful. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Its time to try out your knowledge on Google Ads. Create an account in Google Ads and try it out.