What is Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

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What is Affiliate Marketing? 

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which a person earns money by promoting physical or digital products from others.

This is a marketing modality that emerged in the 1990s. Let us thank Amazon, which began offering the affiliate service so that whoever wanted to disclose the products available in the store would do so. In turn, would receive a commission for each sale generated.

In summary, we could say that What is affiliate marketing, how it works as follows:

An affiliate promotes a product for the commission of an entrepreneur or company in exchange for each sale or action taken.

Advantages of affiliate marketing?

There are many reasons to work as an affiliate in your blog, let’s see some

  1. If you already have a blog and have developed your brand, you can obtain economic benefits by working as an affiliate independently and straightforwardly.
  2. It is one of the few business models in which you do not run the risk of losing money.
  3. It is not necessary to create your product or have in-depth knowledge about a topic to earn money as an affiliate.
  4. You can work according to the schedule you want and from anywhere.
  5. You do not have to worry about logistics, sales processing, or payments.
  6. It is a scalable business model with many possibilities to grow in the future.
  7. Payments are guaranteed.

How do payments work?

As we mentioned earlier, one of the advantages of affiliate marketing is that payments are always guaranteed.

The reason is that payments are managed through an affiliate program that offers a link to the affiliates and, from that link, commissions are automatically calculated after-sales.

In this way, the possibility of fraud is eliminated.

Who can be an affiliate?

Anyone can become an affiliate! That’s right, and it is not necessary to have a recognized website or blog to sign up for an affiliate program. However, it is essential to note that bloggers who already have a developed personal brand and a solid audience have more opportunities to obtain better results when making the disclosure.

So if you already have a blog, we could say that half of the work is done!

For example, suppose you have a blog in which you discuss topics about travel, hobbies, and leisure in general. You can work as an affiliate recommending other products with themes that are interesting to your audience. For example, you can make a post or video about your last trip and recommend an ebook on tips for traveling on a budget.

In this way, you can work as affiliates in your blog without looking invasive while recommending quality and interesting products for each of your followers.

If you do not have a blog, much less authority on the Internet, do not worry:

In that case, you can start from scratch to create your community and personal brand. Of course, make sure you meet the following requirements:

Have discipline.

You want to study and become a digital marketing enthusiast. It is what will help you earn commissions!

Have discipline.

Have excellent communication skills: know how to write clearly and have public speaking skills.

Be a good seller.

Be persistent: this is not a business where you will get benefits in 1 or 2 weeks. Therefore, you must be persistent, organized, and above all have confidence in what you do.

How to choose products to promote on your blog?

Most affiliate programs offer categories in which the affiliate can choose which products to promote. If you are looking for products to start working as an affiliate, here are some recommendations for you to choose the right products:

Choose products that are of interest to your niche. The products you want should always be by your brand and the content you publish on your blog, YouTube channel, or social networks.

You need to try the products before promoting them. Recommend a product of poor quality can affect your reputation and image on the Internet. Check out the best equipment for YouTube at an economical cost.

Do not ignore the opinion of the consumer. Before selecting a product, take the necessary time to assess the reputation of the producer, customer comments, etc.

Check what the commission percentage is. Although affiliate programs guarantee payment, you must verify the percentage of commission that the product has and thus ensure you work with those who benefit you the most.

How to choose products to promote on your blog?

Let’s see some tips to make good affiliate marketing:

Use SEO techniques

Surely you have already heard a lot about SEO, and that is when it comes to working with affiliate marketing, this is something we can not leave out.

SEO is nothing more than a set of strategies to improve the positioning of a page in the results of different organic search engines.

When you work as an affiliate, using SEO techniques is essential because it helps you attract more traffic to your page, strengthen your authority on the subject, and increase your sales possibilities.

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How to choose products to promote on your blog?

When you develop content marketing strategies you create trust and increase your authority in your performance niche, improve your SEO positioning, manage to stand out with your competitors and, of course, increase your sales possibilities!

Use copywriting techniques:

Copywriting is the ability to persuade a person through a text and, therefore, is fundamental to your strategic content marketing technique because it will allow you to create content able to generate immediate sales and straightforward actions, such as: subscribing to a newsletter, watching a video, share the content, etc.

Some essential tips that are worth remembering when developing copywriting techniques are: always include a call to action or call to action in your texts, reinforce the text with psychological triggers, avoid technical content and above all: be original.

Don’t be invasive

A golden rule when working with affiliate marketing is not to be invasive. To succeed as an affiliate, your content must be seen as something genuine; it is the only way to get your users to believe in you and your recommendations.

When you are invasive and only focus on selling, selling, and selling, you generate distrust and also lose followers.

So always remember:

don’t bother your users with unimportant or meaningless ads. It still offers useful and quality content.

Always think about the reader’s experience

A successful affiliate puts himself in the shoes of his readers and establishes as a priority that they always have a pleasant experience at each visit.

To achieve the above, you must understand your audience very well (what they want, what their profile is, what products they are interested in, etc.) before presenting content and recommending a product.


What do you think of the idea of ​​working as an affiliate?

Affiliate marketing is undoubtedly a great option for those who wish to undertake without risking too much and even without risking anything at all.

The best thing is that the Internet is available with a lot of tools with which you can start working on your brand and career as an affiliate. You will only need some basic knowledge of IT, ingenuity & a lot of creativity to position your site, build a solid community, and be willing to buy some of the products you decide to recommend.

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