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Latest Off Page SEO Techniques for 2023

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The off-page optimization technique is used to improve the ranking of the website within the

search engine results page. These off-page SEO methods are beyond website

development & design.

Most of them say off-page SEO is based on link building but it has much more to work with.

Off Page SEO techniques you must follow.

(Try to include a digit in your title & try to use powerful & positive words in the title)

  1. Local Listing – Map listing – Business Listing
  2. Classifieds listing
  3. Directory Submission
  4. Social bookmarking
  5. Guest Blogging
  6. Blog Commenting
  7. Forum commenting
  8. Events listing
  9. Press Release
  10. Social Media Market
  11. Local Listing 
  12. Map listing

Google Business Listing

Adding website/business to google business listings.

Classifieds listing

  1. Just Dial
  2. SulekhaYellow Pages
  3. Olx
  4. Quickr
  5. Other classified websites.

Link Building

Link building is defined as building external links for the website. The main aim of using link building is to get as many links as possible to get a higher rank, compared with competitors.

Some of the ways which help in increasing link building are: 

  • Directory submissions:       
  • Social Bookmarking:       
  • Guest Blogging:

The guest blogging method is used by owners to increase traffic to their sites. Guest

bloggers offer others the to write content on their sites, to increase engagement on

their sites. We can also provide one-way link-building through these sites.

  • Blog Commenting:      
  • Press Release     

Linking Methods are classified into three types:

  1. One-way link2.    
  2. Two-way link3.    
  3. Three-way link

One-way link:

off page seo techniques

A one-way link is a process of building links to a site without any exchange. Link

the building is just like good backlinks which help in increasing the PageRank of


Links should be targeted on proper keywords.

One-way link building is the most useful one in Google as there is no need to provide

a backlink to the website from where the domain link we have built is.Examples:

Social bookmarking, articles submission, directory submission, classified, etc.     

  • A links to B       
  • B does not link to A

Two-way link:

Latest Off Page SEO Techniques for 2023 1

Two links are nothing adding links to one another. A two-way link is also called as

called as Reciprocal link. The disadvantage of Two-way link building is

Google can easily recognize that both sites are working for each other.     

  • A links to B   
  • B links to A

Three-way link:

Latest Off Page SEO Techniques for 2023 2
  • A links to B but B does not have a link to A
  • B links to C but C does not have a link to B
  •  C links to A but A does not have a link to C

This three-way linking process will be in a triangle shape(A-B, B-C, C-A). This linking process is not recommended in link building.

Note: Usage of two-way and three-way links are

harmful as they are considered link trades between websites and are considered

negative by Google.

Do Follow Vs. No Follow

Latest Off Page SEO Techniques for 2023 3

Do follow: All links are doing follow links by default unless they are modified manually or automatically by chaining the website set to no follow links. Search engines crawlers follow do follow links.

No follow:

No Follow is an HTML attribute. No follow is assigned to a hyperlink that

instructs the search engine crawler that should not be awarded as a SERP boost

for the targeted page.

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What is Domain Authority? How to increase Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is mainly used to find the Domain Range. In SERPs, this Domain

authority will have a high priority. This DA is mainly based on three factors like

Age, popularity, and size.

Domain Authority is developed by MOZ to find how well a website is working on SERPs.

It is mainly used to determine the Search engine ranking score.

Domain Authority ranges from 1 to 100, where a high DA rank has a scope to rank on


Domain Authority is multiplied based on multiple factors like root domains linking and

a total number of links within a single DA score.

Most Q&A sites No follow their external links; it doesn’t mean they are useless.   

If you get the top most answer to the widely viewed questions, there will high scope to get more referral traffic.

If you are focusing on backlinks as a secondary goal, then try to give genuine answers to the questions.

Links Analysis Tools

1. Google Webmaster Tool or Search Console

2. MOZ Tool

3. Majestic Tool

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