How to Earn Money Online from Affiliate Marketing
A Step by Step Guide! – from Ravi Varma

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Step 1. Choose a Niche
Don’t worry about picking the PERFECT one the first time, because you can always make a 2nd, 3rd, 4th business very easily and at very little extra cost once you learn the fundamentals.
Watch this in-depth video where I explain the BEST Niches to get into for Affiliate Marketing:

Here’s a List of Profitable Niches to Help you Brainstorm:

Health:Diet and Nutrition, Kitchen Appliances, Cooking, Supplements, Vitamins,
Mattresses, CBD, Relationships + Dating, Survival + Doomsday Prep

Wealth:Make Money Online, Personal Finance + Credit Cards, Entrepreneurship, Business, Software, Stocks, Real Estate, Investing,E-commerce.

Electronics: Camera Gear, DSLRs, Lenses, Photography, Videography, Computers, Smartphones, Headphones, Drones, Gaming Accessories

Fashion: Apparel, Shoes + Sneakers, Athletic Wear, Watches, Sunglasses, Smartwatches

Hobbies: Travel, Travel Hacking, Airfare, Hotels, Music, Cars, Automotive, Car Detailing, Gaming, and much, MUCH more…

Remember, virtually ANY niche can be made profitable and nobody is perfect with their first choice. Which is why it’s more important to focus on just learning the fundamentals since it’s easy to make a second, third, or fourth business in a different niche.

PS. If you’re having trouble choosing ONE specific niche, you can always default to a personal blog about yourself which can contain many niches in one.

Step 2. Find an Available Website Name Related to Your Niche
Cost: FREE (included with Web Hosting in Step 3 below)

Type in your desired website name below and check to see if it’s available!

TIP: Try to go for a .COM if available, but some good alternatives include:
.CO / .NET / .ORG / .IO

If you still can’t find a domain you like, try adding “the” and dashes (-) to find even more availability.
Example: “”

Also, each additional website domain only costs about $12 per YEAR ($1/month), so don’t worry if you come up with a better one later.

Step 3. Sign Up for Web Hosting to Start Building your Website
Cost: Starting at $2.95/month (exclusive 33% OFF discount already applied)
Earning Money Online 1

Why Bluehost? Read this excerpt directly from below:

“Powering over 2 million websites, Bluehost offers the ultimate WordPress platform. Tuned for WordPress, we offer WordPress-centric dashboards and tools along with 1-click installation, a FREE domain name, email, FTP, and more. Easily scalable and backed by legendary 24/7 support by in-house WordPress experts.”
– (Directly from See for yourself here:

Earning Money Online 2
Here are the other 2 Official WordPress-recommended Web Hosting companies:
Earning Money Online 3
Earning Money Online 4
Step 4. Build Your Website with WordPress
Cost: FREE (included with web hosting. Automatically installed when using Bluehost)
Step 4a. Add a Page Builder plugin to your Website for Easy Drag-and-Drop Editing (Elementor)
Cost: FREE (or Upgrade to Elementor Pro for more templates and features)
Earning Money Online 5
Step 5. Get a Logo Made for Your Brand
Cost: Starting at $5
Earning Money Online 6
Earning Money Online 7

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a freelancer marketplace where you can outsource tasks to professionals and get work done such as a professional logo, all starting at just $5 (which is where the name “Fiverr” comes from).
Step 6. Choose an Affiliate Program(s) and Apply
Cost: FREE (website required to apply)

For beginners, I recommend Amazon Associates and Commission Junction.
Amazon Associates allows you to promote and sell virtually ANYTHING that is available on Amazon’s marketplace.
Commission Junction has some of the largest brands in the world including Nike, Bose, etc.

Earning Money Online 8
Earning Money Online 9
Step 7. Choose a Product and Get Your Affiliate Links
Search through MILLIONS of Products on Amazon’s marketplace via Amazon Associates
Earning Money Online 10
Copy/Paste your Affiliate Link into your website’s content or video description:
Earning Money Online 11
Note: Make sure to put a disclaimer in your content that the links are AFFILIATE links*
Step 8. Create Review Content (Video OR Written) and Include Affiliate Links
Cost: FREE to Start

WRITTEN: Creating new posts on your WordPress site cost nothing to do, except for the time and energy spent writing and researching your product.

VIDEO: For beginners, any modern smartphone camera is perfectly fine to use for video reviews. Just make sure to set it up or purchase a cheap phone tripod to angle your video.

VIDEO EDITING: Many computers and phones have built-in software or affordable apps for video editing. Recommended: Adobe Premiere Rush available for iOS and Android phones


Earning Money Online 12
If you do want to invest in a nice camera setup that is an upgrade from your phone, this is my personal recommendation:
Earning Money Online 13
The Canon G7X Mark II is probably the most popular camera used by professional YouTubers and vloggers. The reason is because it is insanely easy to use, and super light and mobile. It is MUCH easier to use than an entry-level DSLR like a Canon Rebel Series or comparable DSLR, while still retaining the same level of video quality. Definitely my personal favorite camera to use.
Step 9. Get Traffic to Your Content
Cost: FREE or PAID (Recommended starting budget: $5/day)

FREE: The best form of free traffic is called “Search Engine Optimization”, or SEO.The goal of this method is to rank on the first page of Google/YouTube for specific keywords.

Generally, that keyword will be ” review”.

So for example, ” review” is a keyword that potential headphone customers are looking up every day.

There are many ways to optimize your content for ranking, but the key is to focus on a SPECIFIC keyword throughout your written article and/or video.
PAID: Unlike SEO, which is free and organic, Paid traffic is generally GUARANTEED views and traffic.

There are many options when it comes to paid traffic platforms, but the main ones include only 2: Facebook and Google.

Facebook Ads includes Instagram Advertising as well.

Google Ads includes YouTube Advertising as well.

Between Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube, you have BILLIONS of potential customers to promote your business to.

Here are some of the less popular paid traffic platforms as well: Bing, Pinterest,Snapchat, Reddit, Quora, Media Buying, Solo Ads.

Step 10. Build a Customer List with Email Marketing
Cost: FREE 60-Day Trial
Earning Money Online 14
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